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All-In-One EU GDPR enabled implementation for hidden and private website analytics, advanced visitor IP tracking, and merchant credit card fraud prevention.

Designed for Personal, Professional, and Secure EU GDPR-compliant SSL E-commerce Websites, Blogs, Forums, and Social Networks. No software downloads are required, and simple website code installation, and instant account activation.
Track IP Traffic

Track IP Traffic

IPnoid widget delivers an advanced website, blog, forum, and social network EU GDPR-enabled traffic tracking, analytics, IP blocking, and monitoring service that captures each of your website visitors' individual IP address activity. Unlike competing website tracking services, IPnoid lets you see this data in real time - there are no processing delays before you can see the latest website visitor statistics.

With IPnoid, you can view and analyze each visitor's browsing activity and webpage access history across multiple websites, blogs, forums, social networks, and e-commerce sites simultaneously all under the same account with hidden tracker tools.

IPnoid utilizes proprietary website hit counter and logger algorithms to report accurate IP addresses and website visitor's browsing activity. What this means is that IPnoid effectively differentiates between authentic website visitors and search engine bots and spiders that are erroneously reported as real visitors by competing services.

In addition, IPnoid's hidden visitor tagging and visitor bookmarking system allows you to track and follow the same visitor across long periods of time - even if the visitor's IP address ID has changed. You'll see original and new visitor IP addresses side-by-side.

Hidden IP tracker widget option can be enabled for all premium tracking account subscriptions for invisible website tracking. Downloadable reports are available for all subscriptions.

Hidden IP tracking is available when used in conjunction with EU GDPR tools and Cookieless Tracking mode, allowing websites to track their visitor tracking statistics and gather analytics, without using cookies for visitors located in European Union GDPR regulation affected locations. Cookie-free tracking is a great solution required in many instances where client-side cookie usage is not desirable.

Identify Visitors

Identify Visitors

IPnoid delivers a broad range of analytics information about each individual web page reader that comes to your website, blog, social network, forum, or e-commerce site.

The information about each visitor includes physical IP location, such as country, state, and networking city information. Also traced are statistics of visitor's origin, such as referring website URL, search engine keywords, and type of search engine if used. In addition, IPnoid tracks each visitor's technical information, such as:
- Internet Service Provider name, organization name, and ISP hostname
- Type of computer system and operating system used, including screen monitor resolution and screen bit depth.

The analytics system provides the most comprehensive amount of information delivered across any available website analytics, visitor tracking, and web statistic acquisition platform on the market. With IPnoid.com, visitor IP tracking information is processed and delivered in an easy-to-understand format, eliminating end-user confusion while increasing a web developer's productivity. No software download is required.

IPnoid has been designed with end-user security and privacy in mind. Website statistics, visitor identity, and IP blocking data is never shared with anyone, even advertisers. Downloadable website analytics reports are only available from a secure member area for each account separately.

Cookieless Tracking features along with a full set of EU GDPR compliancy tools allows tracking of individual visitor's activity without using tracking cookies or with masked IP addresses to comply with EU GDPR directive. Cookie-free tracking may be necessary to help to meet the current law demands applicable to many European Union countries.

Control & Secure

Control & Secure

If your content hosting provider allows you to use JavaScript widgets on your website, blog, forum, social network or eCommerce site, you can effectively use hidden IPnoid.com website analytics service tools to control, redirect, block, and further filter your web visitor traffic and secure access to sensitive website documents, media files, and merchant terminals and gateways. The JavaScript tracking and hidden IP blocker software tools help to protect eCommerce merchant websites from payment frauds, allowing the merchants to prevent and avoid chargebacks and other merchant processor fees by redirecting visitors to offline checkout pages using a Country of Origin or IP ID filter.

"Link & Page Tracker" allows you to monitor, filter traffic, block IPs and protect any link or a webpage on your website. The software lets webmasters control reader's access to specific webpages and online forms, documents, images, and merchant gateway terminals by creating filtering "block or allow" rules based on each visitor's IP address tracking data, country of origin, and time of access. An IP blocker allows for avoiding website attacks by redirecting unwanted visitor traffic.

"Campaign Tracker" widget allows you to monitor your online advertising campaign traffic, and budget and detect campaign fraud while monitoring each campaign visitor's detailed activity. Each individual visitor's campaign activity analytics can be reported separately for effective sales lead generation and even order tracking.

Both Link & Page Tracker and Campaign Tracker tools perform equally well when it comes to protection and gathering basic info when the Cookieless Tracking mode is enabled. Some features may not be available while tracking visitors in Cookieless Tracking mode or with applicable EU GDPR tool options enabled, however, this allows webmasters to avoid using tracking cookies or revealing full IP addresses of visitors that are part of and protected by General Data Protection Regulation.

Website Tracker Widget

IP Address:
ISP:   Amazon.com, Inc.
Hostname:   ec2-44-213-60-33.compute-1.amazonaws.com
  United States
State:   Virginia
Hub City:   Ashburn
(Routed Internet Connection)
Latitude:   39.0469
Longitude:   -77.4903
Timezone:   America/New_York

Website tracking compatibility:
IPnoid supports ALL personal and professional websites, and virtucally ALL type of social networks, blogs and forums such as Blogger.com, devianArt.com, DreamWidth.org, eBay.com, Freewebs.com, FFSNG.com, Flickr.com, Google Sites, InsaneJournal.com, Imvu.com, Microsoft Office Live, MySpace.com, MyHeritage, Ning, PipelinePRO (gopipelinepro.com), SharePoint2010, SmugMug.com, Shutterfly.com, Tumblr.com, Website Tonight InstantPage GoDaddy, Webs.com, Other Social Networks, Other Blog Providers and many others!

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How to use IPnoid service?

  1. Register an IPnoid website visitor tracking and analytics account

  2. Insert a web tracking code snippet in the header or footer of your website

  3. Log in to IPnoid.com and discover the simplicity of website monitoring!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is IPnoid.com?

    IPnoid.com is a virtual website surveillance and tracking device that facilitates web publishers and online e-commerce site owners to monitor and track each individual visitor's online activity in real time while making it easy to inspect aggregate traffic trends chronologically and geographically.

  • What is the difference between the FREE and Premium versions of the subscriptions?

    Each website analytics subscription package offers a specific set of features. The FREE website statistics subscription features the most essential set of tools for beginner webmasters. The next level subscription offers more server space utilization along with an additional set of features allowing for more advanced website visitor analyses and control.

  • What does "Take Control & Secure" mean in simple terms?

    While basic HTML tracking code is compatible with most website platforms, JavaScript-based tracking code can provide more advanced functionality to the webmaster. When JavaScript code is installed, IPnoid.com will provide the webmaster with advanced website visitor traffic control tools, which can be effectively utilized to protect website content from transaction fraud, such as credit card and bank transaction fraud. This can be achieved within the IPnoid system by redirecting or filtering online shoppers whose internet identities fall within a range of suspicious IP addresses or selected countries to a manual checkout page, where the webmaster can manually review the orders prior to the actual merchant transaction. Based on this type of approach, it is possible to reduce merchant chargeback fees that are the result of fraudulent online transactions by as much as 70%.

  • How is tracking website readers different from other website statistics providers, such as Google Analytics and Statcounter?

    IPnoid.com is specifically designed to track each individual visitor with full browsing history and a history of IP address changes. Even if the website visitor uses proxies or cellular phone networks that assign different IP addresses based on browsing patterns, IPnoid.com allows you to track the same visitor regardless of IP changes. Furthermore, IPnoid.com allows you to follow the visitor's browsing paths across dozens of domains simultaneously.

  • Does IPnoid.com detect webpage readers using any Internet Service Providers?

    IPnoid.com utilizes a regularly updated database of ISPs worldwide, meaning all visitors are detected and assigned ISP name providers as reflected on the website analytics logs.

  • Are there any delays for tracking information to become available to the user of IPnoid.com software?

    The system features absolutely no-latency data acquisition and delivery. The platform utilizes high-speed connection between the data migration servers, delivering and translating the tracking information instantly to its user interface.

  • Is it possible to track Google AdSense and Yahoo Search Marketing campaigns?

    Yes. All premium subscriptions feature a full version of software implementation that allows tracking any type of online or offline campaigns and even detecting click fraud. With click fraud detection, the system provides a full browsing path of the offending party along with geographical and true IP address information. With this information and a police warrant, it is possible to initiate an investigation routine in order of prosecuting the offending party.

  • Are social networks, forums, and blogs fully supported?

    As long as a content publisher is able to utilize a simple HTML or JavaScript code within the content, the system will fully support any content publishing platform. A short list of the most utilized content publishing platforms supported by IPnoid.com would be as follows:

    1. Social Network Sites
    2. Private Content Networks
    3. E-commerce Websites
    4. Document Sharing Gateways
    5. Online Forums
    6. Blogs
    7. Personal and Professional Webpages
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