IP tracker style

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Please select and install only ONE visitor tracker STYLE per each website domain.
Installing multiple tracker styles will interfere with producing accurate visitor tracking results.
  1. Select the style of your tracker
  2. Follow the steps provided to generate your tracker code
  3. Place the code in the header or the footer of your website
  4. Login to IPnoid to instantly start tracking your website visitors!

Select Counter Type
The only difference between the tracker styles is their appearance on your web pages. However, your private account access will provide you with full website stats including visitors locations and IP addresses. You can also specify any starting number for a counter using your project's settings once you activate and login to your IPnoid.com account.
BASIC Page View Counters
BASIC Visits Counters

PRIVATE Trackers

IP Address Boxes

IP Info COMBO Boxes
ip address
ip city
ip state
ip country
ip isp provider
ip organization
ip hostname
ip referrer

BADGES Page Views Counters
BADGES Visits Counters

Hidden / Invisible Tracker Option
Install any visible tracker style, ensure that it shows up on all pages of your website, then login to your account and follow these simple steps to make it hidden: Enable Invisible Tracker
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