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PRIVATE Trackers

PAGE VIEW Counters
VISIT Counters

COUNTRY Flag Counter
The [COUNTRY Flag Counter] widget shows the cumulative statistics since the day you start your tracking project. You can always reset your widget stats without affecting internal IPnoid console statistics.
Country text
Stats text
Number of page views Number of visits Visitor IP & ISP Visitor system Visitor location
Number of flags Number of columnsCustomize the appearance of your [COUNTRY flag counter] widget and click the button to generate your code.

CHART Hit Counter
The [CHART Hit Counter] widget allows you to show hit statistics on your web page in a similar way your IPnoid console does.
Data color
Background color
Y axis labels Column labels Total counts
Width Height Type Increments DurationCustomize the appearance of your [CHART hit counter] widget and click the button to generate your code.

IP Address Boxes

IP Info COMBO Boxes

(!) Only ONE TRACKER STYLE can be installed per website.

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